Axelle Maitere's tribute to Tania and her Tahitian heritage.

"I apologize to those who don't speak Tahitian. This is in memory of Tania.

To all my brother and sister Tahitians, to all her friends, from the middle of the Love of our God, we the Tahitians living in California, and myself, are sending our deepest sympathies to each one of you who are present at this moment in remembering our lovable daughter Tania Hurd.

To you Tetua Peheo Hurd Nielsen, the mother that gave birth to Tania. Even though you passed away, it's been now a couple years ago, you are always, for each one of us, in our hearts.

To you, Charlie Hurd, the father.

To you, Zachery, the oldest son of Tania.

To you, Max, the #2 son, and who we used to call you "Chou Chou."

To you, Wayne, the Greatest Love during Tania's life.

To all the many families: Paheo, Hurd, Neilsen, Noeker, Galbraith, Chavez, and all the others.

To you all, the students of John Burroughs High chool where she works.

To you all the members of the Lakeside Golf Club.

To you, all her friends, that she came across every day of her life.

To you all, we have been gathered here by God, to remembering all of the ways our Little Tania was to each one of us.

We are here to surround Tania's family in this terrible accident, that we never had suspected would hit us, and to ask God in our prayer, to ask Jesus Christ, our Savior to remember Tania--all the beautiful things she did, all the just things she did, all the wonderful things she did, all the good things she did in her living life.

Oh my Lord, You know that we are deeply hurt in our hearts, and in all the cells of our bodies. But we also know and believe that You will be able to wipe off the tears from our faces.

Please Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Calm, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Peace, the Living God comes and embraces us all in memory of our loving daughter Tania. She was baptized in the name of The Father, of The Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Please God receive Tania in your forever lasting life. "You said." Thy stay in His Love. You staying in God's love and God's love is in you. We believed in you, Lord. Thank you very much beloved Tania for crossing our path during your lifetime. We love you.

Thank you for listening."