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Natali Nikolich

Dear Ms. Hurd,
I don't even know where to begin. You weren't only a teacher to me, but a best friend and a mom. You watched me fall in love for the first time, and helped me fight the tears when it was over. You were there to talk to whenever I needed advice on life, love, and school. I remember you telling me "you better invite me to your wedding"...I promised you that I would. When I first heard the tragic news, I broke into tears. I called my closest friends and cried on the phone with them in disbelief. You have touched so many lives and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for teaching me how to cook, live life to the fullest, and strive for happiness. You will always be in my heart.


Candace,Rich,Joseph Donahue

Tania I can't inagin what my life would be like you. You've shown me the meaning of unselfishness and the value of love.It has always been a comfort to know you're there and that you'll always be there. No matter what happens.I've always been proud and grateful that your mom is such a remarkable woman.She loves her family and her friend s and the students at John Burrougghs High School. Love Always Candace and Rich and Joseph Donahue She will always be love and miss very much to and

Derek M. Keith

I never knew the first thing about cooking until I met this woman. The only thing that I knew how to make for breakfast in the morning was a bowl of cereal. The first lesson I learned in Ms. Hurd's culinary arts class at John Burroughs high school was how to make a breakfast burrito--and might I say--I have never enjoyed the taste of my own cooking until the moment I bit into my first culinary creation. May we always remember that the simple skills in life are always the most important, and that we always have the capacity to appreciate the quality of our own work. That is what this wonderful woman taught me in a single year. I love you Tonia.

Leslie Falcon


Life can be cruel sometimes, and when it took you it was exceptional cruel. I miss you so much. Let's see I met you when I was only 12 yrs old, when your son Zach and I were crazy in love, too bad it couldn't of worked out, I would have loved to be your daughter in law...lol! I so enjoyed our long talks. It truly broke my heart when I got the news, but I know you of all people are in heaven watching over us. We miss you and you will never be forgotten.

Steve Sinwell

Did not know about the site until today. I met Tania way back in 1977 as my then girl-friend (Ioana Tehahe) was good friends with Tania. Even at that young age, Tania was exceptionally bright and her smile was unmatched. You just knew that she was a special person, and based on the life she led, it is clear she made such a huge difference to many people. We are all lucky to have known her, and her memory is ever lasting.

Dena Williams

My truest friend Tania, I hope you were able to see the balloons from heaven placed on your memorial tree at school for your birthday. I constantly think about all of the plans we made together. My life is not the same without you. I know you wouldn't want me to be sad but I can't get passed this grief. I miss you so much. Often students will talk with me about how wonderful you were. We have been changed forever because we knew you and loved you. I pass your tree everyday at school on the way to my classroom. It makes me feel a little bit closer to you. When I pray I ask God that when I die, the first person I see will be you with outstretched arms, a big smile on your face, waiting to give me a "Tania hug." I miss you and love you. Truest friends forever. Dena

Regina Bumatay
Well, Ms. Hurd knew me as Regina Reyes. The second Reyes Girls, that had been her student. I knew Ms. Hurd since I was a freshman in 2002. When I first met her I was just getting some things for my older sister when she was sick. Ms. Hurd was very nice and caring as a teacher when I first met her. She is always concerned and there for you. When I became one of her students, I got to know her more. She is always cheerful and smiling. I love it when she laughs. I miss it all the time. Being around her more pushed me to what I always wanted to be. A chef. She is very inspirational. I went to Le Cordon Bleu right after I graduated high school and came back to her and actually demonstrated in her class (when my younger sister was her student.) I always love going to her class and just talking to her. She was a good person to talk to and just hang around with.

Roselle Reyes
I've known Tania Hurd every since I started going to Burroughs High School. At first she was just another teacher who my older sisters liked, but when I entered to take her class my view of her changed. By my name she realized right away I was the little sister of two of her past students. She kindly asked about them and I told her they were doing well and that one of my sister continued on culinary field and went to attend Le Corden Bleu. She was happy to hear about them and told me that it'll be fun to have another Reyes girl as a student. I knew after that, that she was someone who cares for everyone. Someone who becomes an important person to lots of people. She wasn't the type of person I came by very often, and so because she's gone I miss her lots..

But although you are gone, I know that you are still watching over us, making sure we don't mess up in the kitchen and in life. Keep smiling and laughing where you are. .33

Lindsay Jensen
Tania was my teacher during my final year at Burroughs. One thing I always remember is that whenever I asked her if I could put a little rooster sauce onto my food, she would always laugh at my weird tastes and say "of course you can".

RIP Ms. Hurd. You taught us all so much more than cooking.

Lisa Gatz

I remember Tonia since 7th grade. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. She obviously touched a lot of peoples' lives.

Hung Truong

Tania is such a joyous person. Everytime I see her, she would give me such a big smile that I would just have to grin right back. I will certainly miss her hearty laughs and sense of humor.

Carmen Cashat

I've known Tania since the 6th grade. I live in Texas now, but have kept in touch with her until the month before she died. What a kind friend, a wonderful mother and great companion she was. I was touched by all of the pictures of her life in this website. As wonderful as you were, there are not enough of Tania's friends and loved ones to fill her void. I miss you so much!

Bill Lightner

My Dear Tania;
You were one of the first people that I met when I moved to the Desert. You really helped me feel welcome and comfortable in my begining days in the Desert. I will never forget sharing an evening martini with you and some of the dishes we cooked together. It's hard to beleive that you are not with us now but I wish you God's speed on your new journey.

You are missed and loved always!
Bill Lightner

Sheila Masters

You always made everyone feel welcome in your home at the annual Faculty Holiday Party. Lugging chairs, tables and ice didn't even bother you for a second! You made it seem so effortless....yet I know it took a lot of work. Truly a warm hearted and generous soul. You are missed.

Christine Wright

Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You hold a very special place in my heart. You are deeply missed, but the memory of you will live on in the love of your family and friends.

Alexandra Ross :)
Ms. Tania Hurd,
You've had such an impact on me that few teachers have yet to accomplish. I look up to you in so many more ways than one. Just your attitude towards life was inspirational on its own. I miss you so dearly but i know you're in such an amazingly graceful place that fits you immensely. Thanks for teaching me so many things that I would've never learned anywhere else. Even things beyond the kitchen. I've been trying to remind myself that when passing a knife to slide it across the counter unlike the last time i passed you a knife aha. You will always remain ever so close and dear to my heart. Never shall I forget your contagious laugh or your radiant smile. Because of you my life has never been the same and i'm thankful for that. I love you always.

Your bright and colorful Culinary Arts Student,

Dena Williams

My love for you will last forever, I know that God put you in my life for a reason. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your family and friends with me as I have grown to love them also. We all love you and miss you.
My best friend forever,
Love, Dena

Lucretia West

I only met Tania a couple of times. However the warm memory of her always remained in my mind. She had a presence that many of us can only wish for. May her memory remain strong in the lives of all who knew her as a reminder of what we should always aspire to achieve.

Neil Steven

My dear friend Tania, as a way of saying goodbye, that I love you dearly and will miss your friendship, I have made this site for your family and friends.

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